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Health Squared Medical Scheme curator communication to members

This serves to inform you that Health Squared Medical Scheme has been placed under provisional curatorship. The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) brought an application to the High Court for Health Squared to be placed under curatorship and the High Court granted a provisional order on 08 September 2022

At the same time, the High Court approved the former trustees’ application for leave or permission to wind up the business of the Scheme, which application was brought on 30 August 2022. This follows the decision by the former trustees to apply for leave (permission) to wind up the business of the Scheme.

Section 56 of the Medical Schemes Act allows for the two processes to run parallel. However, in this instance, an order for curatorship has already been granted, while the application for winding up the business of the Scheme is still pending before Court.

Following the granting of the provisional curatorship order, the High Court has appointed Mr Joe Seoloane as Health Squared Provisional Curator with effect from 08 September 2022, with the return date back to court to make it final being 20th September 2022. As the Curator, Mr Seoloane is now responsible for running the Scheme, and his primary responsibility is to ensure that members’ interests are looked after and protected.

The Curator will make the call and decide on the further conduct of the application for the winding up of the business of the Scheme once he has familiarised himself with all the facts and issues in the Scheme. The return date to court is 27 September 2022.


  1. For membership related enquiries contact Health Squared Client Services on:

Tel: 086 179 66400

WhatsApp: 087 741 1921

Email: Info@healthsquared.co.za

  1. For governance related enquiries contact the Curator at:

jseoloane@healthsquaredms.co.za or info@healthsquaredms.co.za

Further updates will be made to keep all interested parties abreast of developments.

Download the Press Release here.

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