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CMScript 11 of 2022: Focus on Cleft Palate and Lip

During the second and third months of pregnancy, the tissues that form the lip and palate fuse together. In certain instances, however, the fusion does not take place or only partially. This leaves an opening in the lip and/or cleft. Unfortunately, a cleft lip and/or cleft palate also form part of more than four hundred syndromes (conditions) including Waardenburg, Pierre Robin, and Down’s syndromes.

The diagnosis of a cleft lip and/or palate is quite obvious at birth as all newborn babies are screened (assessed) fully to ensure that both the hard and soft palate is completely closed. Diagnosis prior to birth is possible as the malformation of the upper lip, nasal openings, and palate may be seen on the ultrasound.

Download the CMScript here.


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