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Annual General Meetings

Medical scheme members have the right to participate in their medical scheme’s governance through participation in scheme Annual General Meetings (AGMs), Special General Meetings (SGMs) and Trustee elections.

At least 50% of the members of a scheme’s Board of Trustees (BoT) must be elected among the scheme members by members.

Medical schemes must hold Annual General Meetings consistent with scheme rules on having AGMs on or before a particular date. Medical scheme members may voice opinions, ask questions and present motions.

Members have the right to information about their schemes, therefore, schemes must, on request, provide information about:

  • Scheme rules and benefits
  • Latest Annual Financial Statements
  • Management accounts and accompanying annual financial statements
  • List of protocols and formularies

Finally, members have the right to advance notice of change in:

  • Contributions
  • Benefits, or
  • Any other changes affecting their membership

Upcoming Annual General Meetings (AGMs)

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