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CMScript 12 of 2022: Focus on Breast Cancer

In 2020, breast cancer was the leading cause of new cases of cancer in the world with 2.26 million cases reported annually. South Africa also showed a similar trend with 14.3% of new cases of cancer in both men and women of all ages being attributed to breast cancer, putting it as the leading cause of new cancers reported.

Breast cancer is diagnosed based on clinical assessments, imaging and pathological investigations. Clinical assessment includes taking a medical history which looks at patient’s health history and family history and doing a physical examination to check for general signs of health, including checking for signs of breast cancer.

Treatable breast cancer is included in the Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) regulations under DTP 950J. Regardless of which benefit option a member or beneficiary is on, the medical scheme must pay for the diagnosis, treatment, and care costs of treatable breast cancer.

Download the Circular here.

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