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Research Note 1 of 2021

Prevalence of chronic conditions among medical scheme beneficiaries that are eligible for Phase II of the COVID-19 vaccination.

The Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkize, announced that Phase II of COVID-19 vaccinations would be commencing on 17 May 2021. This phase includes the vaccination of people 60 years and older and those suffering from chronic conditions.

The Electronic Vaccination Data System, a self-reported system, went live on the 16 April 2021, and opened registrations to the population eligible for Phase II of the vaccine rollout plan. As outlined by the Ministry, Phase II will include:

• Essential workers. Target population: 2 500 000

• Persons in congregate settings. Target population: 1 100 000

• Persons >60 years. Target population: 5 000 000

• Persons >18 years with co-morbidities. Target population: 8 000 000

As such, the purpose of this document is to highlight the number of beneficiaries in the medical schemes population that are 60 years and older and those suffering from chronic conditions.

Download the Research Note here

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