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Circular 14 of 2024: Effect of pre-authorisation on health outcomes and patient experience

The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS), assisted by DEMACON, is currently embarking on a survey, to assess the influence of pre-authorisation on the health outcomes of medical scheme members.

Medical scheme members are invited to share their insights and experiences to assist CMS gain a comprehensive understanding on how the pre-authorisation process affects health outcomes. By participating in this survey, you can contribute to our collective knowledge and help identify areas of improvement in the pre-authorisation process.

The survey can be accessed here and is to be completed by 30th April 2024.


Your participation is entirely voluntary, and you are not obligated to complete the survey if you choose not to. We respect your decision, and no justification is required for withdrawal. All data gathered will be meticulously managed, with a strong emphasis on careful handling and strict adherence to confidentiality measures. The information you provide will be used exclusively for research and statistical purposes. Your responses will be kept confidential, and no identifying information will be shared in the survey results. The findings will be presented in an aggregated, collective format without sharing with third parties. If you have any questions or need further information regarding the survey, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Thulisile Noutchang at t.noutchang@medicalschemes.co.za and corlia@demacon.co.za.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to contribute to our research and make a difference in medical scheme practices.

Download the Circular here