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CMScript 9 of 2023: Focus on Male Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is commonly associated with women, but it is important to note that men also have breast tissue and can be at risk for developing breast cancer. Although the incidence of male breast cancer in South Africa is not well documented, it was reported in the most recent South African cancer registry to account for 1.8% of all breast cancer cases compared to worldwide male breast cancer of less than 1%. Black men have higher incidence rates for all breast cancer subtypes.

Men who have breast cancer typically experience the following symptoms:
• Swelling of the affected breast or a painless lump in the breast;
• Inverted nipple (nipple turned inwards);
• Discharge or bleeding from the nipple;
• Breast discomfort or a pulling sensation;
• Skin or nipple changes such as dimpling, puckering, redness, or scaling.

What is covered under PMB level of care?
Treatable breast cancer is included in the Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) regulations under Diagnosis and Treatment and Pair (DTP) code 950J.

Download the CMScript here.


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