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Medical Schemes in South Africa

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OPMED Disclaimer

"The Council for Medical Schemes has enlisted OPMED on its website solely for purposes of acknowledging its operation as a medical scheme. Members of the public should note that while OPMED is a medical scheme which conducts the business of the medical scheme as defined in the Medical Schemes Act No. 131 of 1998, OPMED's operations are not regulated by the Medical Schemes Act, given the amendment to the Intelligence Services Act No. 65 of 2002 which is the key legislation and which informs OPMED's operations. The Council for Medical Schemes wishes to therefore advise members of the public that the Council for Medical Schemes does not have the authority to resolve any disputes involving OPMED and as such, any disputes which involve OPMED should be directed to OPMED directly through their dispute resolution forum, namely; the OPMED Management Control Board (OMCB), which is accessible via their internal platforms".