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Circular 46 of 2021: Proposed amalgamation between Sisonke Health and Lonmin Medical Schemes

Notice is hereby given in terms of section 63(4) and (5) of the Medical Schemes Act (131 of 1998) that the exposition document of the proposed amalgamation between Sisonke Health Medical Scheme and Lonmin Medical Scheme will lie open for inspection for 21 working days from 18 August to 15 September 2021. It will then be open for comment in terms of section 63(5) of the Act for a further 21 days from 16 September to 15 October 2021. The exposition document can be accessed from:

  1. The Council for Medical Schemes’ website, on this link.
  2. Sisonke Health Medical Scheme’s website: sisonkehealth.co.za
  3. Lonmin Medical Scheme’s website: lonmin.com

The document is also available for viewing at both scheme’s physical addresses as follows:

  1. Sisonke Health Medical Scheme: 1 Hospital Street (Off Cedar Avenue), Libanon Business Park, Westonaria, 1782; and/or
  2. Lonmin Medical Scheme: Middelkraal Farm, Marikana, 0284

Parties interested in the proposed amalgamation may submit objections and/or comments in writing to:

  1. The Registrar of Medical Schemes: email – information@medicalschemes.co.za
  2. The Principal Officer, Sisonke Health Medical Scheme: email – nontuthuzelot@sisonkehealth.com
  3. The Principal Officer, Lonmin Medical Scheme: email – stassen@sibanyestillwater.com

All written objections must reach the abovementioned offices by no later than 15 October 2021.

Download the Circular here.