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Press Release 2 of 2022: CMS suspension of Glopin appealed

Glopin Health Consultants (Pty) Ltd has appealed its suspension of accreditation as a healthcare brokerage. The Council for Medical Schemes’ (CMS) had suspended Glopin’s accreditation on 15 March 2022, in terms of regulation 28c(1) of the Medical Schemes Act (131 of 1998) (MSA).

“Glopin lodged an appeal with CMS’ Appeal Board, established in terms of section 50 of the MSA on Friday, 18 March 2022,” said Dr Sipho Kabane, Chief Executive and Registrar of the CMS.

“By agreement, this means that Glopin remains an accredited healthcare brokerage as contemplated in regulation 28B, and can therefore continue to render broker services to potential and current members of medical schemes and be compensated for such services in accordance, until the appeal has been determined,” concluded Dr Kabane.

 Download the Press Release here.


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