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Circular 6 of 2023: Extended deadline for December 2022 and Real Time Monitoring (RTM) for 2023 submissions

The Real Time Monitoring (RTM) submissions for December 2022 could not be received, due to technical issues experienced on various systems. The issues have now been resolved and schemes are requested to submit their December 2022 RTM no later than Wednesday,15 February 2023.

In addition, the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) would like to advise medical schemes of the deadlines for the monthly RTM submissions for 2023.

For more information regarding the submission process, schemes should refer to the Help File.

All medical schemes are directed, as per the provisions of Section 44 (5)(b) of the Medical Schemes Act (131 of 1998) (MSA) to submit the required information no later than four weeks after every month end. 

The following submission dates apply for 2023:

Month Data Submission Date
January By 24 February 2023
February By 24 March 2023
March By 5 May 2023
April By 26 May 2023
May By 30 June 2023
June By 28 July 2023
July By 25 August 2023
August By 29 September 2023
September By 27 October 2023
October By 24 November 2023
November By 5 January 2024
December By 26 January 2024

Your attention is drawn to the provisions of Section 66(3) of the Act, in terms of which any medical scheme which fails to furnish the Registrar with the requisite information, shall be liable to a penalty of R1 400 (one thousand four hundred rands), for every day for which the failure continues.

Your co-operation is highly appreciated.

Download the Circular here.