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Circular 46 of 2023: Healthcare Utilisation ASR Notice

The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) hereby informs you about the delays in validating the submitted Healthcare Utilisation data due to technical issues. CMS technicians are working hard to get the systems up and running, and medical schemes will be updated once the issue is resolved.

In the interim, medical schemes that require resubmission of data may resubmit it through the portal to perform level 2 validations. The CMS will conduct level 3 validations and provide the schemes with a feedback report.

The CMS is earnestly working on the sign-off report and schemes will be given enough time to complete it.

The CMS would like to apologise to schemes for the inconvenience. For any queries, please send an email to lion@medicalschemes.co.za.

Download the Circular here.