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Circular 33 of 2022: Updated Administrator Accreditation Standards – Version 7


The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) published the revised Administrator Accreditation Standards: Version 6 in 2019. However, Version 6 has been updated to include Limited Administrator Accreditation (Circular 31 of 2022).

The following has been updated/included in Version 7:

  1. New standard 5.2.1 included re-provider network management;
  2. The numbering of the standards has been amended after the inclusion of the new standard 5.2.1; and
  3. Standards specifically applicable to limited administrator accreditation have been indicated as such. (Administrators providing “full” administrator accreditation services are required to comply with all the standards as indicated in the accreditation standards document.)

The updated Administrator Accreditation Standards: Version 7 is available here.

Application and implementation

Version 7 of the Accreditation Standards for Third-Party Administrator of Medical Schemes must be complied with by all administrators of medical schemes, including those providing limited administration services. However, administrator providing limited accredited administration services are only expected to comply with the standards as indicated.

The effective date of implementation of Version 7 of the Accreditation Standards for Third-Party Administrators of Medical Schemes is 1 October 2022.

Download the Circular here.