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Circular 11 of 2021: Claims information for beneficiaries treated for COVID-19

The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) has concluded the process of updating the COVID-19 Data Specification for 2021, as such, 2021 submissions should be submitted on this version.

The revised COVID-19 Data Specification version is with effect from 8 February 2021. The data specification must be read in conjunction with the Healthcare Utilisation Annual Statutory Return Technical Guideline for the preparation of data Version 8.0 and Circular 29 of 2020. The changes are those as listed below:

  1. New part aimed at collecting COVID-19 vaccine related information.
  2. New part on financial information (this part was previously submitted in Excel format as per Circular 54 of 2020)
  3. Inclusion of 7 CdRef tables

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